Hi there

This website reflects my creative output - my 'personal' work which is quite different to the commercial work I do for my clients in the creative industries. I have decided to create a separate site, to use as both an archive of recent work, and a playground for new work.

I know that many artists struggle to balance the demands of both personal and commercial work. Of course they both influence each other and I find that working across a variety of fields adds more dimension to how I approach any of my photography, whether it's creating images for a client or creating images for myself.

I do many kinds of things and am constantly learning and always challenging myself. I have shifted my output recently to reflect my growing interest in the moving image, and this curiosity has led to a wonderful range of collaborations with dance artists. I am always learning about movement, stillness and the variety of nuances in-between. I like to explore the subject using whatever method is most likely to uncover something interesting. My movingimage typically uses a variety of photo-based sequencing - using timelapse, stop-motion or multiple-camera techniques.

I am currently on a journey into multi-dimensional image making. As always, there is so much to learn and I enjoy the process as much as the outcome - ofetn the outcomes may be clumsy as I learn but I hope that as I get more opportunities to become more sophisticated in the approach used I will be able to more eloquently express my ideas.

Sam :)

PS I hope the site is self-evident. If you find anything hard to navigate or are looking for particular work that seems not to be present on this site, please email to let me know, or to make an enquiry.

For my commercial work in the creative industries, please see my Silvertrace site at: www.silvertrace.com