Circuit from Sam Oster on Vimeo.


'Circuit' was made with dancer and choreographer Felecia Hick. We were interested in working on location with movement inspired by the landscape. The piece was shot in a single day and the film was resolved in the edit with the support of editor David Ngo (Cutting Room). The soundtrack is by Pretty Boy Crossover.(thanks to Jason Sweeney), and the cinematographer was Adam Garstone (UK).





Mute Stark Rich from Sam Oster on Vimeo.


MUTE :: STARK :: RICH is a screen dance project created as a result of a dance film mentorship. I worked with 3 dancers (Billie Cook, Felecia Hick, Sarah Cartwright) as a photographer and emerging moving image artist, and we were funded by Arts SA to work with a dance film mentor Sue Healey (Sydney) to produce a first-stage development of a screen dance piece. This 3-minute film was collaboratively conceived based loosely on the text Chroma by Derek Jarman. Choreographed by Felecia Hick, performed by Billie Cook and Sarah Cartwright, and filmed by Sam Oster. A collaborative edit supported by The Cutting Room.