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HLP Day Twelve :: Bowden Creative Space

We shot a final scenario today (I still don't really know what to call these 'vignettes'). Looking at the schedule for the next couple of days we decided we didn't want to put ourselves under too much pressure when we have the array set up, so we looked at the scenario least likely to benefit from the array and shot Isadora again. This time we resolved to shoot with the black panels, and explored the 'wrap' sequence backwards. Here are a couple of shots..

Watching the footage through tonight I realise I am still needing to warm up to this piece - it's strengths are in it's art references, and I really love the Venus de Milo pose and how it is used in this work - another of Carol's great ideas. We have a quirky and rather menacing scene where the character goes through a complex evolution before becoming our Isadora, and although I understand where she came from in terms of discussions and developments I'm not sure how she 'sits' with me. I think I'm not used to embracing the awkward, and this piece really does that in a few moments - this is exactly what we felt it needed though, after reviewing where it was part-development, so I think I need to work on the edit and see how the flow of the piece functions. The nudity is conceptually rigorous, and it's great that we are able to explore that in this piece. Having worked a lot with the nude in my 'early' years creating figurative work, I haven't done so in many years, partly due to a shift in my work after portfolio reviews in the UK which really challenged me to reconsider the figurative. Working in dance has been my pathway back to working creatively with the human form.

There were a few rather hilarious moments today - like watching Carol crawling around the studio floor to avoid being seen by the various cameras, and during the scene where Lisa's horse tail swishes (don't ask) Carol managed to pull the tail right off. Classic. A fun day with outcomes that need lots of downloading and then a rough edit will follow!

I plan to insert a few 'behind the scenes' pics here soon..

It's rather late and we have a big day tomorrow - first proper array day - aiming for a shoot with 16 cameras! We'll be shooting washer woman first-up. Exciting!

OK, here is a very rough draft of Isadora!

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